SEO and AdWords Management

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Although Google is always changing it’s search algorithm, SEO is still mostly about quality content and links. Social media is increasingly becoming a factor. We can assist with optimising website structure, setup of social media, some link building and can advise on what sort of content is needed. We always consider SEO factors when building websites. We recommend Yoast SEO plugin for all our WordPress customers.

We don’t currently offer writing services for content development but can advise on the type of content we think should be developed, what it should focus on and how it should be structured. We can produce infographics if you supply the data.

There used to be a great deal of benefit to spamming links all over the web but Google has cracked down so it’s actually detrimental now. Quality links from genuine articles are still highly valuable. We can help with social media links and major directory links.

Good SEO is an ongoing process of content development and link building. If you don’t have the time or budget to work on SEO it might actually be more cost effective to run an AdWords campaign. You can of course do both.

Google AdWords

AdWords is a powerful and cost effect form of advertising that lets you get ahead of the SEO results. It works well for large market broad location customer bases but can also be used to target smaller locations and is particularly effective for mobile searches. AdWords gives you access to the entire world as your market but can be limited to cities, states or countries that you service.

The cost of AdWords greatly depends on your competition and is controlled by a daily budget you set. It is important to monitor and tune your AdWords so that your Return on Investment (ROI) is always positive.

AdWords gives much faster results than SEO but the benefit is lost as soon as you stop.

We setup and manage AdWords campaigns on a time basis to match your budget. If you like to be hands on we can provide training. We don’t lock you into contracts but be aware it does take time to tune an AdWords account and optimise it based on research and conversion statistics that build up as the campaign runs. We have promotion codes for new AdWords accounts to give you a little extra advertising value.

Google Analytics

We create Analytics accounts for all our websites so you can see who is visiting your website, which keywords they are coming in on, where they come from, how long they stayed and what they are looking at. The amount of information Google provide in Analytics is staggering. We can summarise and report on meaningful parts of this information for you.