Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam

I’ve spent the last two days of August studying for and sitting the Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam. The course was well run by Loves Data. Apart from the technical know how they shared some great tips on best practice and how to really take control of the AdWords Campaign.

I’m happy to say I passed the exam and am a step closer to becoming a Google Certified Individual. From there hope to work towards Google Certified Partner.

I’ve already started putting some of the new knowledge to good use on customers AdWords campaigns.

We have a new set of Google Promotion codes available – Spend $25 and get $100 worth of advertising. I’m happy to share these even if you just want to try AdWords for yourself. Call if you need a hand. The basics of AdWords are pretty easy but it’s also easy to make mistakes. The complexity of it only opens up as you learn more.

If you are interested in gaining your own qualifications then the Google Engage for Agencies is a great place to start.

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